There are many reasons to create a real estate video. The first is that videos are extremely popular with viewers and are among the most effective ways to capture a buyer’s attention. Not only do they entertain, but they also educate and persuade, making them the ultimate communication tool. Here are some tips to make the most of your real estate video.

Creating a real estate video

Real estate videos are an excellent visual marketing strategy that can attract a wider range of clients. They can be used to highlight specific features of a property, as well as the community in which it’s located. But they require more than a simple phone recording. Creating a high-quality video for real estate listings is critical for a successful sale.

First of all, a real estate video should have a logical flow. Filming a real estate video is no easy feat. Proper lighting is an important factor. During the day, exteriors are usually brighter than interiors, and the light from windows will tend to increase contrast. This makes the details of windows difficult to see. To avoid this issue, it is best to shoot real estate videos at sunrise or sunset.

Scripting a real estate video

A real estate video by Video Domain is a powerful marketing tool for a realtor. A video highlighting the realtor’s story can be in-field or “in their own words.” It can contain a voiceover, graphics, and music, and can be used for social media and email signatures. Video production costs vary depending on location.

Real estate videos can cover any topic related to housing, from mortgage lenders’ interest rate offers to the best times to list and sell a home. You can also use a video of your blog posts to illustrate specific topics.

Optimizing a real estate video for SEO

SEO is a key element of creating a real estate video. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, and optimizing for YouTube is a great way to maximize ROI. The process starts with superior on-page content, which helps YouTube understand what your video is about and identify keywords related to it. This will increase the likelihood that your video will pop up in Google search results.

Before uploading a real estate video, make sure it is properly tagged for SEO. The filename should include a keyword-rich title and description. This way, when potential customers search for your video, they’ll be able to find it easily.

Creating a unique landing page for a real estate video

One of the best ways to attract viewers to a real estate video is to create a unique landing page. This can be done by using a number of tactics that are proven to work. One example is the use of a home form. Rather than relying on the visitor to enter their contact information, this form should only require a few fields. A well-designed form will collect leads and expand sales.

The design of the landing page should be attractive and functional. The background color should be eye-catching and the body text should be legible. Make sure to avoid distracting elements like navigation links and sidebars. Also, keep in mind the goal of the page: to get visitors to fill out the form.


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